Thursday, 25 October 2018

Combustion of human faeces

To help design the combustor component we have an ongoing study of the combustion of human faeces.   In our latest paper, we show that the devolatilisation of human faeces requires higher temperatures and rates are slower those of woody biomass. A temperature of 475 K are required for fuel ignition.This is promising for a slow progressive burn.

Read the full paper for free here:

Fidalgo, B., Chilmeran, M. Somorin, T., Sowale, A., Kolios, A., Parker, A., Williams, L., Collins, M., McAdam, E.J. Tyrrel, S., (2019) Non-isothermalthermogravimetric kinetic analysis of the thermochemical conversion of humanfaeces, Renewable Energy 132, 1177-1184