Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Where it is all happening

Last week Carl Hensman from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came to visit the team at Cranfield University who will be developing the Nano Membrane Toilet and see the facilities where the development will take place.   Actually many of the collaborators on the project hadn't seen each others' labs yet so it was a fascinating experience all round!

We started where we will finish with the labs equipped for testing components - we plan to reach TRL6 with the Nano Membrane Toilet in this project phase.
We then explored the nanotechnology labs where we looked at all sorts of nanotechnologies being developed, including the EHDA spray will be adapted for use on the toilet product.
In the wastewater labs we will be able to analyse how effective our treatment is.
And in the pilot hall we will build a rig to test the membrane and hydrophilic beads, similar to the one Bruce is demonstrating here.

All photos by Richard Franceys.

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