Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The nano mister in action

Initial experiments on the EHDA spray mechanism that will coat the sludge briquettes revealed that the viscosity of the melted polycaprolactone was too high to be sprayed.   Instead nanoparticles of polycaprolactone will be suspended in water and sprayed onto the briquettes.

An experimental rig has now been built to trial this process:
It shows the initial liquid storage vessel (back), the mister (right) and the misting chamber (left).   The misting chamber will activate and fill with nano particles.   The briquette will then drop through the hole at the top and land on the flaps at the bottom of the chamber, coating the bottom of the briquette.   It will then remain in the chamber so that top of the briquette is coated.   Finally the flaps will open and it will fall into a storage vessel below.

The rig can successfully create a mist of water:

Experiments with the nano particles will start soon.

With thanks to Richard Franceys for the photos.

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