Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How do you ‘flush’ without a ‘flush’?

The C4D Nano Membrane Toilet workshop

A flush suggests water but what we actually mean is how do you move waste from the toilet bowl to the waste holding tank. The new method for the Cranfield toilet has to meet the following criteria:

  1. No additional water can be used
  2. No additional power can be used
  3. The action has to be in keeping with the user’s normal behaviour 
  4. A constant barrier must be maintained between the holding tank and bowl

To do this the design team began by scoping existing methods before moving into concept generation and development. Testing is soon to commence evaluating materials and shapes.

First model of the cross section integrating the flush mechanism with the toilet seat
CAD model from flush mechanism development
Gears of flush mechanism prototype
Latest cross section model from the flush mechanism development

A video of the the latest model of the cross section experimenting with the gears for the flush mechanism

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  1. This mechanism is a beauty. Kudos for this invention.