Monday, 18 November 2013

Works-like prototype treats simulated faeces

So, as promised, our works-like prototype is now in our lab being tested with simulated faeces.
You can see the simulated faeces settling out and the dewatering screw moving the sludge towards the mister (far right):
The membranes are in place to remove the water:
And the two columns of beads condesne the waster vapour.  At present we're using silica and glass beads but we're about to apply a nano coating to the beads to make the condensation more efficient:

 And the water is collected in a tank at the bottom (you can see the ripples in this image - it's so clear it's hard to see!)
The sludge drops into the final container where the nanomist forms.   We'll soon add polymer to the mist which will contain the odour and pathogens:
Obviously there's still a lot of optimisation to go but we're really happy to be able to see all these processes working together.

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