Monday, 10 March 2014

Flush mechanism test rig

The design team have been developing a method of moving the waste from the bowl to the holding tank whilst preventing bad odour. To see the early stages of this please see the earlier blog post: 'How do you Flush without a Flush?'
The stringent requirements of the development were:

  1. No additional water can be used
  2. No additional power can be used
  3. The action has to be in keeping with the user’s normal behaviour 
  4. A constant barrier must be maintained between the holding tank and bowl

Below is the latest test model allowing the team to experiment and develop the idea further. Areas of interest will be dimensions, gear ratios and refining the mechanism but with considerable focus on research into utilising non-stick materials.

The mechanism is driven by the user closing the lid after they have finished.
(...Its a joke shop 'specimen' by the way)

The rotating action empties the waste into the holding tank maintaining a constant odour barrier and the flexible polymer swipe removes any final remnants.

The driving action is closing the lid. this is a 90' rotation that is geared be converted into a 270' rotation of the cup before stopping and then the swipe does a 180' rotation.

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